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Love You When I'm Drunk

I had a dream last night I slept with someone else
Does that mean that I cheasted on you ?
It was amazing and I couldn't stop myself
Could it be that I really want to ?
Well if the things we feel count more than what we do
Guess what lover I'm leaving you

I don't want to be that guy
look you in the face and lie
But someone has to say this first
Even if the words may hurt

I only love you when I'm drunk

Don't get me wrong last night I didn't change my mind
It was the drink - It was leading me blind
And when I kissed you, it was such a big mystake
A couple drinks that's the chance that I take
And if I can't control all of the things I do
Guess I'd better leaving you

I only love you when I'm drunk

I may be a little bit drunk but I know what I've got to do
Cuz when I get a little more sober I know I'll be over you

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