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The kids in the hundreds tomorrow
Will march through the door
They're fighting someone else's war
They'll have so many stories to tell
In exchange for hero's farewell

I wish I could,
I wish I could make you return
And what if I'll never discern
As you walk to the toll of the bell
You'll be fighting for our heaven with hell

And you'll don't understand
Why no one else can see
Your blood on me
And my blood on you
But to make you bleed
The only thing I wouldn't do

And you know, heroes aren't meant to survive
So much harder to love when alive
Walk with the devil in your head
You would think you were better off dead

Where can you go ?
We fight we ear
We never learn
And Through it all
The hero falls

I wish there was a way
To give you a hand to hold
You don't have to die in your glory
Yo never grow old

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